Sarah Wallner: Celebrity Stylist Who Makes Talent, Magazine Covers, and Live Events Sizzle with Fashion Design Artistry

Sarah Wallner is a fashion powerhouse, having successfully blurred the lines between two incredible careers. Sarah is not only a top Hollywood celebrity stylist, but is also the owner of, a website specializing in sexy lingerie, stylish dresses, sporty apparel, and everything in between.

Sarah’s blending of careers benefits her famous Hollywood clients, supermodels, magazine art directors, and anyone else interested in attaining a fit, sexy and oh-so desirable look.

As a young girl growing up in Europe, Sarah dreamed of one day owning her own company. While living in enchanting cities like Rome and Paris, she was inspired by their beauty, charm, and the sensational fashion that surrounded her. However, Sarah could never have envisioned become a famed stylist, costume designer, and fashion entrepreneur, advising celebrities, top models, and an array of clients on their fashion choices.

Sarah’s creative roots are not difficult to trace, her father was a respected artist in Europe, known for his sensual and sensitive abstract paintings of women. “Our house was always brimming with talented people,” says Sarah, who finished high school in Germany before leaving for Los Angeles to attend college. “There were always artists, writers, directors, and political figures which led to lots of lively discussions about everything — it was all very inspiring.”

After college, Sarah landed a marketing position with Interscope Records, followed by a job at Sony Music. It wasn’t long before the energetic and promising young executive was tasked with new responsibilities, and became responsible for the media promotion of superstar Michael Jackson and celebrated rock band, Oasis. Despite continued success in the music industry and corporate world, Sarah never abandoned her dreams of fashion entrepreneurship.

In 2000, was founded, a sexy online fashion destination. “Through my travels, and involvement with promotional shoots and events, I saw a tremendous need for sexy apparel, without the need for being crass or trashy,” she said. “I was confident that there was a pent up demand for clothing that helped women look fit, sexy, and stylish at the same time.”

Having to limit expenses, Sarah was initially forced to be very selective with, designing and painstakingly choosing timeless pieces for the website. With its expansion and her growing portfolio as a stylist, came the opportunity for further creativity. “It’s funny, not having much money when I started turned out to be great for the business,” she said. “For example, a picture in Playboy needs to be timeless for at least ten years, and that’s how I began designing. Sure, I add colors and fabrics, but my core style remained the same… and that it was has branded the Musotica name”.

With attracting a phenomenal following, Sarah’s demand increased quickly, and she began to receive daily requests for advice from Hollywood celebrities, famed actors, and top models – all desperately seeking her professional opinion on what to wear for an upcoming appearance or their next magazine shoot. At the same time, Sarah also began receiving an abundance of requests from magazines and companies, inviting her to supply Musotica Wear for cover shots, films, and various promotional events.

“I was both encouraged and surprised by the reaction to my website,” she said. “Many models and actors trusted my judgment on what would make them look their absolute best, so I eventually began wardrobe styling professionally. I quickly realized, however, that I couldn’t find the styles – especially the fit – I was looking for on the market – so I began designing hard-to-find fashions that would look incredible for sexy shoots featuring fit models.”

From Playboy Magazine to the cover of Fitness, Sarah’s styling talents remain in constant demand. A true test of her incredible talent was an ambitious cover for Playboy Magazine which featured Pamela Anderson and inspired by the 1960 classic, ‘La Dolce Vita’. “Initially it seemed tough, but once I got creative it was an incredible shoot, and the reaction to it incredible,” said Sarah. Sarah has also designed covers for Guess, Esquire, Fitness, Oxygen, Flex and many other major publications.

Hey stylist work for magazines have opened an array of opportunities in the entertainment industry and within advertising, having worked with respected companies such as Chippendales, Bacardi, Miller Light, and The Lingerie Bowl. While celebrity stylings have included projects with Miranda Richardson, Brooke Burke, Stacy Keibler, Leanne Tweeden, Joanna Krupa, Cindy Margolis, Nikki Ziering, Jaime Bergman, Traci Bingham, Brandi Roderick, Gina Le Nolan, Sandra Taylor, Jennifer Walcott, the Ikki Twins, and Shawna Sands, to name a few.

“Being a celebrity stylist lets me quickly identify what’s missing in the marketplace, and create designs that meet my customer’s needs,” she says. “For example, I created my own Fitness Ware and Swimsuit lines because I couldn’t find exactly what I needed for my celebrity clients.”

All of this hard work has led to the incredible success and adoration of, and is in turn was makes it so unique in a fashion landscape that is dominated by large, profit-driven corporations. When a person visits Sarah’s website they are inspired by her collections, getting to choose from either personally designed or handpicked items, all from the creative genius of one of Hollywood’s most gifted and respected celebrity stylists.

With its combination of timeless sexiness, flirty attitude, and fitness flair, has become an online fashion destination for the masses, from famous actors to soccer moms, everyone is catered for under Sarah’s watchful eye.

“I choose and design clothing as if I’m preparing for a photo shoot,” says Sarah. Who adds that she often draws inspiration from French and Italian movies in her rare spare time. “It’s a great way for people who don’t have the benefit of a personal stylist, to dress as if they do.”